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The School of TAIKO


Produced by Japan Creative Arts

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What is The School of TAIKO?

TAIKO DRUMMING is mixed activities of  Music, Physical Exercise and Cultural experience

for expressing human energy as Performing Arts

We provide bilingual Taiko & Japanese musical instrument


Educational programs

and performances for communities

In The School of TAIKO, you can enjoy the Taiko world by professional Japanese Taiko Drummers in US

Its same as in Japan!

​Produced & Instructed

by Professional Taiko Drummers

All programs of SOT are coordinated by Professional Taiko Drummer,

Ringtaro Tateishi 

former member of ZA Ondekoza for 10 years & performed EPCOT/ Walt Disney World for 7 years

With good support and instruct by skillful instructors from how to hold the Bachi (Taiko Sticks)  your drumming skills will naturally improve.

Enjoy Taiko lesson

in your level class

with your group friends

All lesson programs of SOT are fit your level from Introductory to Advanced for all age.

Kids programs : lessons from 5 years old.   Summer camps & Mom/Dad & me are held for 4 years old and up

All material ready at the facility.

You can just  come the lessons by bringing only your Taiko sticks

and passion!

Enjoy performances!

Almost half a year weekly lessons, you will be the

"Student Performer"

have opportunities to join in

 stage performances for communities.

Depends on the level, you will have additional chance to join

the special performances

at concert halls, museums,

halftime shows of sports games.

Challenge another stage

Taiko Drumming has various possibilities as life activities.

SOT/Japan Creative Arts have another opportunity

for whom would like to be

Taiko Instructors, 

Semi /Professional Performers.

Your skill will be progressed by specialized instruction

by professional Taiko Drummers


The School of TAIKO offers online Taiko Lessons - private and group lessons

regardless of age or place of you live. 

Contact us for arrangement.


YOUTH & ADULTS CLASSES are for 8 years old and up from inexperienced to advanced class.   

All students have chance to join in the community performances in near future as School students performers. 

Also, SOT support your dream to be the Professional performers and also instructors.

youth & adult class
Kids class


KIDS TAIKO CLASS is for 5 years old to 8 years old, 
Kids program is made as Fun activities with music, exercise and learning Japanese culture in good disciplin. 

All students have chance to join in the community performances in near future as School students performers.  


The School of TAIKO / Japan Creative Arts offers all levels of performances 

for any situation by the professional level group, community group and Kids group.

Eductional program



The School of TAIKO provides various Educational programs :

School assemblies, Artist in residence, Workshops, After school programs

and performances for cultural events.


The School of TAIKO / Japan Creative Arts provide various workshops by professional artists for improve the skills and getting more deeper acknowledgement

Kids Summer Camp


Kids TAIKO Summer Camp is one of our popular program as bilingual summer experience.

Campers learn Japanese rhythm, movement and Japanese play through Taiko while simultaneously improving cooperativeness, self confidence and creativity. 

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