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Cool Beats Japan Vol.2

Kamishibai x Taiko

Let's enjoy the "Kamishibai "

 - Japanese Traditional  Storytelling  -

with Taiko Drumming!

Date:    Friday, October 7, 2022

Door Open:    6:00 pm

Program Time:    6:30 pm~8:00 pm

Location:    Eastside Bahá'í Center  (map)


  16007 NE 8th St, Bellevue, WA 98008

                    Near Crossroads Shopping Center    

Kamishibai x Taiko Flyer Final S.jpg

Language: Japanese storytelling with simultaneous English voice acting.


Suitable age range: 5 years  old and up
* We recommend that you use ear plugs or ear puffs if you plan to participate with children under the age of 4 or who are sensitive to sound.

Fee: FREE!
Your donation is greatly appreciated to support our activities, Artists and Performers!

* Suggested Donation: $20


COVID-19 protocol: This event follows King County and Washington State guidance regarding COVID-19 restrictions.  Wearing masks in the building is recommended.

Also, please keep to yourself at home if you have symptoms of the illness like Fever, Cough, Running nose, feel sick and so on.

​Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

​*Event details are subject to change without notice.

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Produce new encounter is our pleasure always!
We have created the collaborations of Taiko Drumming with African Drums, Steal Drums and Butoh.

For Cool Beats Japan Vol.2, we are welcoming the Japanese Traditional Storytelling called "Kamishibai" by Japanese famous Kamishibai Actor Ta-Chan!

The fantastic shows can only be created with a wonderful audience like you.

Let's make the FUN and COOL space together!

Show is FREE program - only ONE time event and space has LIMITED!
Please register now for keep your seat in there!

Also, we are greatly appreciated if you consider the donation for support our activities for the communities, 

and support the creativity of the Artists and Performers! 


”Cool Beats Japan Vol.2”は、日本のストリート・パフォーマンス「紙芝居」と太鼓のコラボレーションをお届けします。







いつも私たちの活動にご理解とご支援をいただき​ ありがとうございます!


Guest Artist from Japan
Ta-Chan   /  Kamishibai Storyteller

Tachan Photo 1.jpg
About Ta-Chan from Japan


Tatuo "Ta-Chan" Kawakami began his acting career at a local community theatre during his college years in Nagoya. Japan. After college, he joined a professional children’s theatre, Urinko Theatre Company and acted with them for six years.

In 2007, he broke out on his own to do Kamishibai and founded his own troupe, Margurite Family.


Since then he has performed across Japan for over 100,000 people. He currently tours roughly 150 locations a year including schools, hospitals, community library, temple, retirement homes, private party, parks, malls, and amusement parks. He has been featured on TV, radio, newspapers and magazines.


He is recognized an awarded performer - the winner of Japan Street Kamishibai Competition in Numazu for two consecutive years.

He is the only full time Kamisibai storyteller left in Japan. 

TaChan Photo 20.jpg
TaChan Photo 9.jpg

What is "Kamishibai"?

"Kamishibai" (kah-mee-she-bye) or "Paper Play" is the form of Japanese street theatre and storytelling. Kamishibai stories were told by the kamishibaiya (kamishibai narrator) who travelled to street corners with sets of illustrated boards that he or she placed in a miniature stage-like device secure on a bicycle and narrated the story by changing each image. Kamishibaiya would also sell candies before his story so that children could eat it while listening to the story.    

Currently, Kamishibai are provided for schools, libraries, shopping mall, park and more location which Kids and families loved spaces. 


A number of manga and anime have been produced that borrow from or call back to kamishibai tropes and presentation. Some older works that would later become popular manga or anime, such as GeGeGe no Kitaro, originally started as kamishibai programs.

Mimi_Katano Web.jpg
English Voice Acting
Mimi Katano


Mimi Katano is the Executive Artistic Director of Youth Theater Northwest (YTN) on Mercer Island. In Seattle, she has worked for Seattle Children's Theatre, Seattle Repertory Theatre as an educator, and has directed for 14/48, Centerstage Theatre, Live Girls! Theatre, SIS Productions, and Pork Filled Productions.


A native of Tokyo, Mimi has done a variety of cultural and translation work for organizations such as Seattle Children's Museum and Book-It Repertory Theatre and co-wrote a play in 1995 on Japanese-American incarceration during World War II called, Justice at War, which is still touring in Boston. YTN’s Japan project is a passion of Mimi’s in bringing artists like Ta-Chan to communities, as well as bringing Teaching Artists to Japan. For more on Mimi, please go to For more on YTN, please go to

Taiko Performers

CHIKIRI and The School of TAIKO Photo by Tero Patana.jpg


"CHIKIRI" is a taiko group led by full-time Taiko performers Rintaro Tateishi and Asako Tateishi.

Lead member Ringtaro has 35 years professional Taiko experiences, and he also known the person who has very rare experience as the Taiko Performer - 10 years performed in "ONDEKOZA" & 7 years at EPCOT, Walt Disney World, FL.

​CHIKIRI uses high-quality Taiko Drums from Asano Taiko, Japan's most famous Taiko drum craftsmen. These Taiko drums have the beautiful style as Japanese crafts and produce the excellent sounds.

They also co-founded 'The School of TAIKO' in 2009 based in Seattle and Bellevue, which promotes the charm of Japan primarily through taiko drums and other traditional Japanese instruments.  The Taiko School program also supports the development of healthy communities by fostering healthy minds and bodies and promoting cross-cultural understanding.

Sakura Con by Tero Patana 1_edited_edited.jpg

The School of TAIKO

"The School of TAIKO" is more than just music classes, it focuses on building a stronger foundation for life by accumulating new challenges through "Real Experiences", and also make new relationship throughout the practice together - it called "WA".

The School of TAIKO currently has about 100 students ranging from kindergarteners to her 70s. Whether you have musical experience or not, our weekly lessons are designed to give you a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment by taking on life's little challenges.

After roughly half a year of lessons, the students will wear our original Happi coats and perform on the stage of local events.  Currently, The School of TAIKO has started participating in the "parade" as a new challenge.  These experiences create more fun and wonderful moments than just performing on stage.

Some new weekly classes will start this fall.

Please check the website page for more information.

​We are very welcome of your thoughtful donations!

We all appreciate of you to support our activities and future events!!

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Through our fiscal sponsor Shunpike

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Payable to : Japan Creative Arts

Mailing Address:  PO BOX 75491 

                                         Seattle, WA 98175

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