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Japan Creative Arts provides "Real experiences of performing arts programs" for sharing Japanese culture to promote mutual understanding by bilingual high quality learning opportunity based in Seattle, Washington US since 2009.  You can request our program from anywhere in the world.

JCA has started by co-founder, Ringtaro Tateishi and Asako Tateishi: full time Japanese Taiko Performers.

All programs are organized by Asako Tateishi as President/Executive Director, Ringtaro has created the art of Taiko as an Artistic Director, taking advantage of his unique experience - 10 years of experience as a former member of the world-famous Taiko group ONDEKOZA and performed every day at Walt Disney World / Epcot for 7 years.  Asako also at Epcot as Disney’s international artist as member of Matsuriza.  

Our activities are formed by three categories mainly.

Japanese musical performances by CHIKIRI and The School of TAIKO 

These groups provide various performances for 100,000 audiences / years at Celebrate Asia of Seattle Symphony, Sakura-con, Cherry Blossom Festival, Japan Fair, Japan Week, halftime show for Seattle Storm and Huskies and more events mainly in the Puget Sounds area. 

Music Classes for Kids - Youth & Adults and Educational programs by The School of TAIKO

We provides Taiko classes for all level from first experience to whom have dream to be the professional performer.  Currently about 80 students are in classes and enjoy lessons and performances. 

Our educational programs provide various occasion like School Assemblies, Culture Events, Fundraising Events and more for sharing global understanding through the sounds of Japan.

Bellevue World TAIKO Festival

Since 2014 we have held this Festival with special guest performers. Its awarded program by City of Bellevue Arts Committee, Arts WA, 4 Culture and supported by many individual sponsors.  Through this events, we have donated Taiko equipment / programs for victim of natural disasters and challenged schools.  

With founders experience, JCA has facing to realize several missions like as below:
●Providing Taiko and more musical instruments performances for community to support their fulfilled life
●Providing Educational programs for youth to support their global thinking
●Supporting all to be a good Taiko performers as member of the school community group with less-stress lesson schedule for their healthy life and wider connection
●Founding high quality performing group with passionate performers who starting as a trainee/apprentice 
●Promote the improvement of the quality of cultural knowledge of the community through high level performances and programs

The community performances of JCA/SOT are supported by 4 Culture, and Shunpike as fiscal sponsor.


At the core of Japan Creative Arts activities is the belief that music provides a way to bridge cultural differences and promote respect and understanding between people from different backgrounds and generations, thereby strengthening relationships within the community.  Furthermore, we are committed to supporting the healthy lives of everyone in our community by providing lively experiential programs of lifelong learning.

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