- Workshops by professional Taiko Drummers -

 Japan Creative Arts / The School of TAIKO provide various workshops mainly Taiko Drumming and other Japanese musical instruments by the professional performers in the Seattle area.

  Our workshops are held to share the hints for better performance, derived from the extraordinary experience of professional performers, and also for each participant to gain broader knowledge and grow up, based "Having Fun & Meaningful time".

  Regular workshops are held for beginner to advanced as " Basic workshops " for "Learning the basic of various musical instruments or movement" by our co-founder/head instructor, Ringtaro Tateishi. 

  Also, some special workshops are held by the famous professional performers from Japan or coming from another group in US.

  We are pleased you will participate in our workshop opportunities to hone your skills for spreading Japanese music and culture more richly.


Workshop Achievement

Basic workshop by Yuichiro Funabashi
KODO's member, Yuichiro Funabashi provided Taiko workshop for basic movement.
Hachijo Workshop by Yu Imafuku
Yu Imafuku held " Utsu Hachijo" workshops
Kagura Workshop by Yu Imafuku
Yu Imafuku provided the workshop of "Basic Movement of KAGURA"
Tsugaru Shamisen by Etsuro Ono
Etsuro Ono provided Tsugaru Shamisen workshop
Gion Taiko Workshop by Akira Katogi
Akira Katogi held the workshop "Gion Taiko"
Shinobue Workshop by Shunsuke Kimura
Shunsuke Kimura provided workshop of " Basic Japanese Flute/Shinobue"
Odaiko Workshop by Kenny Endo
Kenny Endo held "Odaiko Workshop"
Miyake Adv./Miyake Geino Doshi-kai
"Miyake Geino Doshi-kai" original members of "Miyake" which also performed KODO provided the workshop "Intermediate Miyake" for experienced participants
Miyake Basic/Miyake Geino Doshi-kai
"Miyake Geino Doshi-kai" original members of "Miyake" which also performed KODO provided the workshop "Basic Miyake" for first participants
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Upcoming Workshop

90 Minutes TAIKO Basic Workshop Information

90 minutes Taiko Basic Workshop for inexperienced person, and experienced person for entering The School of TAIKO.   In this workshop, you will learn the basic of How to play the Taiko Drumming, What happen with Taiko Drumming to your life and the style of our school.  

No hassle! No pressure!
Just join for enjoy and touch the world of TAIKO Drumming.


90 min Taiko Basic Workshop : Sunday, March 1, 2020   11:20 am - 12:50 pm 

INSTRUCTOR : Ringtaro Tateishi

PLACE : Bellevue College Main Campus  

CAPACITY : 10 Students ( Min 3 )​​

AGE : 8 years old and up

FEE :  90 min Workshop : $42

This workshop is also held as the entering lesson for join The School of TAIKO which is held as through out year program .
If you decide to attend regular classes after the workshop, you can continue to attend classes with additional payment

          Regular Lesson schedule after this workshop : Sunday, March 15, 22  April 5, 2020   11:50 am -  12:50 pm


* All participants are required to fill in the registration form and payment in advance for entering the program

* If you will join in with family members, please make the form for each participants


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