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Online Taiko Lesson Programs 

Not only the Kids online lessons which will be started May 5, 2020,

The School of TAIKO offers private lessons, and also group lessons for any gathering regardless of age or place of you live. 

 Feel free contact us !


Online Lessons

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About Online Lesson


How can we join in the Online Lesson?

We use ZOOM system for our online Taiko lesson. 

You can join in if you have internet and one of following : desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.  For online lesson, we use display, microphone and camera to have interactive learning.

After registration, you will get more specific information for connecting with our Taiko lessons via email.  Basically, you will get URL and Pass-cord for joining the ZOOM one or two days before the first lesson.

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Do we need to make an account for ZOOM?

No.  You do not need to make your own account in current condition.

You will just join in with URL and Password which we will sent you before the lesson.

Is the ZOOM safety?

The lessons will be held as closed event.
Only the invited participants who have Passwords which sent from us will be able to join in.

We also manage that only authorized people by instructor can participate in the "Classroom".

About equipment


We don't have Taiko drums in our home.  How we do the lesson?

Don't worry about that!   We will make "Practice Taiko Drums" at first lesson of Team Yellow and Team Red together.  

Please ready one bucket and one roll of packing tape.  Also, drum practice pads is work if you have it.

We don't have Taiko sticks for hitting Taiko drums.  How can we get it?

If you have 'Drum Sticks" in your home, it will be work for this lesson.

Also, if you would like to get "Taiko Sticks", we will deliver it to your home with additional $20. Its including TAX and Delivery fee (Shipping outside of State of Washington may be subject to additional charges)

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FAQ Online Lesson
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