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Dear, Music, Arts and Culture Fans


We hope you all doing well under the current challenging conditions due to COVID-19.

Japan Creative Arts/The School of TAIKO is also under long difficult conditions caused by restrictions.

All scheduled programs are cancelled until the end of this year, and no any new schedule in the future.

In addition, after March 10, all in-person music lessons were closed. 

This unprecedented crisis are bringing us, challenging and difficult than ever, 

even though we have our mission and dreams for the future.

Although we have tried to support by relief funds from several ways, because we are not considered an essential business, it is difficult for us to find the funding/relief programs for supporting Arts, Music and Culture.

 - We are still strong! 
We have set online lesson systems up and are learning a new song from March 21, 
although we understand virtual programs cannot be a equal substitute for real classes,
we are trying our best to continue to share the fun and be prepared for the future.


- We are never give up!
We believe, Music, Arts and Culture will support

the community to recover from the current challenging days.

We are continuing to create new projects for bright future!

In October 24 & 25, we had tried our first Hybrid

class/performance with in-person and ZOOM system.

You can see it from here.

We will be thrilled for you to join our dream to support
Music, Arts and Culture together!

 - All of our members are imagination to perform for the

communities again to make beautiful smiles together!!























‐音楽、アート、そして文化を存分に楽しめる日が一日も早く訪れますように! その日まで Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

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See you SOON!

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