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CHIKIRI Taiko Drummers

CHIKIRI Taiko Drummers


~The Japanese Taiko Drummers ~


CHIKIRI is formed by founders of The School of TAIKO, full time artists  Ringtaro Tateishi and Asako Tateishi and also their son Sohshun Tateishi.   "CHIKIRI" means a butterfly joint used in woodworking; it holds two pieces of wood together.  Similarly, this group will achieve the goal of joining People, Artists and Cultures together from all over the world through the music , mainly Japanese Taiko Drumming.

Also, for expanding the Japanese Taiko world in high quality at out of Japan,  new members are under collection regardless of experience and nationality. 

CHIKIRI is selected the Performing group of Touring Arts Roster of 4 Culture.

Meet The Team

Ringtaro katsugi web.jpg

Ringtaro Tateishi

Sohshun by Chris co Background.png 2015-

Sohshun Tateishi

Shamisen asa.jpg

Asako Tateishi