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Since we have still under the restriction of COVID-19 which decided by Washington State, County and City,
All of our lesson schedule have held as On-line since March 2020.
In this condition, our new classes will be started via on-line or after all restriction will be cleared.

Feel free contact us if you have any questions about new music classes to 
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Information for Introductory program of The School of TAIKO

This is our entering class for all participants of youth and adults who is 8 years old and up. 

No hassle, No pressure!

In this first session, you will learn the basement step by step for being good Taiko performer.  The lessons will focus to learn all basics things which necessary for your Taiko skill like ; how to hold the Bachi, how to hit the Taiko Drums,

body movement, take the rhythm and more with learning first song which formed by lead part and base part. 

Our classes are offered throughout the year for aiming to be the members of school community performance group to join the community performances like Cherry blossom festival at Seattle center.  

After finished "Introductory 1", you will be join in the next level "Introductory 2". You can check how step up after Introductory 1 class from here.

If you want to be the Taiko performer of CHIKIRI; tour group of JCA, there is always a way to get the audition to become a trainee/apprentice. 

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