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Kids Taiko Summer Camp is back

- Now Registration OPEN !!-

Age   :   K -5th graders (This fall)
Session 1: July 24th - 28th, 2023
Session 2: August 14th - 18th, 2023

Time:   9:30 - 12:30

Location : Seattle, JCCCW ( Click for Map)

SOT Summer Camp 2021 S1 4.JPG

What is Kids Taiko Summer Camp by SOT?

●This is one of the summer gifts for your child to grow up the global thinking and self-confidence

Campers will learn the Japanese performing arts mainly Taiko Drumming through this 5 days session by FUN WAY!   

This program will be included "Performance" as the showcase of their effort on last day with using "Own created Taiko Drum" !!

Taiko Drumming is a combination of Music, Art, Exercise and Entertainment. 

Nurture the young mind and body through this cool Japanese cultural activity. Besides the fun physical and musical experience, campers will be expected to learn the creativity, expression, cooperation and growing their global thinking and self-confidence which necessary for living as a person in the community.

●Bilingual Music program by professional Japanese Taiko performer

The main Instructor of this program is a professional Japanese Taiko Drummers, Ringtaro Tateishi .

He has provide educational program from The School of TAIKO for 14 years, and have long time Taiko/Entertainer experience in Japan and US at the Walt Disney World /EPCOT and as member of the ONDEKOZA.

This is very rare opportunity to have learn program from such a unique coach especially out of Japan!

What will campers learn through this program?

Through the program, the camper will ;

• Get many instruction / knowledge from world-class Taiko performer 

• Growing up their self-confident by making success step by step 

• Learn Japanese Music Arts

• Learn Japanese Rhythm 

• Learn Japanese Movement 

• Learn how to team up with friends through playing the music

• Have a great experience to know the Japanese Culture, Manner and  Conversation in natural way

• Build up their mutual understanding for getting global eyes

How do campers spend the day??

Summer Camp 2021 Daily Schedule.jpg
Asakaki Donta.gif

On the Friday,
you can enjoy Taiko   showcase
with family and friends
to see the growth and efforts
of your   children
in this 5-day taiko camp!!

* Daily Schedule will be changed depending on the situation.

* The schedule will be different on the last day of the camp due to the family showcase!

Summer Camp Condition

2023 Kids Taiko Summer Camp Information

This year's The School of TAIKO, TAIKO Summer Camp is coordinated depending on COVID-19 restrictions of State of Washington, King county and CDC guidance.   The conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

Dates : Session 1  / July 24th - 28th, 2023

              Session 2 / August 14th - 18th, 2023

Age : K - 3rd Graders in this fall

Time : 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Location : JCCCW / 1414 S. Weller St   Seattle, WA 

Capacity : 10 students ( Min 5 )     

Camp Fee :  $325 Included materials fee*

Clothes : Suitable for exercise

Belongings : Water bottle, Healthy snack 

* The fee is Included for the materials for hand made practice Taiko Drum, a pair of Taiko Sticks and school T-shirt.  

- Sibling who living same address will get 10% off for second kid

- The Camper who finished all 5 days of the program will get a Certificate 

- More information will be sent out 2 weeks before the starting date

Refund: Any Cancellations must be received in writing / via E-mail, not phone call.

Session 1
If you notify us you wish to cancel your enrollment
  - Until June 12 : Full refund  minus $50 business fee
  - After June 13 : No refund

Session 2

If you notify us you wish to cancel your enrollment

  - Until July 3rd : Full refund  minus $50 business fee

  - After July 4th : No refund

Cancellation: The case of cancellation of this program due to low attendance ; if less than 5 students are registered nor other reason, we will inform to you by June 5th(session 1), June 26th(session 2) via E-mail. We never accept any complain and never compensate for your damage / loss with the cancellation. 

Complete Registration: Space has limited.  

Your child's space will be reserved when we have received both of Registration form and Payment at the office of The School of TAIKO / Japan Creative Arts, LLC.   Your child spots will be kept within one week without the Payment after on-line registration.

Registration for 2023 Kids Taiko Summer Camp

STEP 2: Make your Payment

Kids Taiko Summer Camp for one kid :  $325  

​This price is for one kid

Kids Taiko Summer Camp for Two Siblings :  $617

10 % Discount for second kids, siblings who living together.

STEP 3: Get Confirmation

Please make payment in one week after filled the registration form for keeping your spot.   Until then, your registration will be kept as pre-registration states. 

Your registration is completed and get confirmation when the form and payment have reached in our office. 

Summer Camp Registration
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