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JCA is a very unique organization in which professional Japanese Taiko drummers produce the programs.

Our Taiko Drumming Educational Programs comprise beautiful sounds, exciting movements, historical information and a strong spirit from the east to the world providing vitality and a broadened global thinking to all students.

Please check below and feel free contact us.  It is our pleasure to coordinate for any events/projects which you need the unique Cultural& Entertainment programs.

Our leading group "CHIKIRI" - formed by full time artists mainly, has selected as "Touring Artist Roster" of 4 Culture.

Also,​ CHIKIRI & The School of TAIKO is selected one of groups of " In the Library educational cultural performing Artists".



School Assembly Lowell ES Seattle.jpg

Our School Assemblies are interactive program of enjoying movement, rhythm and history of Japan. All participants enjoy various Japanese instruments such as flutes, strings instrument, cymbals and more not only Taiko Drumming, depends on the program contents.

The school assembly program is  basically 45 min - 60 min, its including Q&A and Taiko Trial depending on the program length.

All pieces are enjoyable number and students join in with clap their hands, move the body, sing the song, count Japanese numbers together. They will feel the 45 min passed by in a blink.

School Assemblies
Libraries Learning Programs


Yakima Library 7.16  120.JPG
Kitsap 2019 2.jpg

Our special program for Library especially as Summer Learning programs are became one of summer features in wider location.

​This is music entertainment art program that can be enjoyed by all members of the community, from infants to all ages as hands- on and interactive contents.

Our program will be made by not only the Taiko Drumming but also Shinobue (Japanese Flute),  Koto ( Japanese Harp) , Shamisen (Japanese Banjo) and more musical instruments depends on the program level and situation.


All program will be personalized depends on the age of audience, location, performing place size, outdoor or indoor and any situation for suitable to your request and each condition.​

Feel free contact us and create wonderful program together for community members!

Achievement for Library programs:

KCLS Library System

Kitsap Library System

Yakima Valley Libraries

The School of TAIKO / Taiko in Library

The School of TAIKO / Taiko in Library

Play Video


Artist in residence at Mercer 2.jpg

Our Taiko Artist in Residence will naturally promote cooperation and mutual understanding and respect for other students through making one song together.Participants understand how to hit Taiko and how to assemble Taiko songs in groups by Japanese way.

Also,  learning Japanese culture and Taiko history will give students for global thinking.

Movement, hitting, singing ... Not only as a music program, the Taiko also has elements of body exercise that uses the whole senses.

In addition,  showing student achievement by playing the Taiko song at the school's cultural event etc is great way for improve students self-confidence.

Achievement for Artist in Residences

Mercer Island High School Percussion Class

Newport High School Percussion Class

Mercer Island Elementary School

... and more schools


Artist in Residencs


Education Taiko Class at elementary web.

Our after school programs are great way for giving students of fun, feel open mind and making team mate just after their long day in the school without transportation.

Basically students will success to get one Taiko Drumming song with one or two session of 6 to 8 lessons of 45 minutes to 60 minutes.

Activity place is recommended with large closed space,  like  gym, stage, music room or large class room.  

Also, this program will be able to including Taiko performance at school events like cultural event, talent show and more.

Current after school programs:

McDonald International School, Seattle ,WA

John Stanford International School, Seattle, WA

Achievement for after school programs:

Bertschi School, Seattle, WA

Bellevue Children's Academy, Bellevue, WA

Bryant Elementary School, Seattle, WA

Open Window School, Bellevue , WA

After School Program


School Assemblies photo 1.jpg

The unique Taiko Drumming performance of CHIKIRI& The School of TAIKO leads your school's cultural events to success.

Basically, 15 to 20 minutes Taiko Drumming performance or ~ 30 minutes of performance including guest participation are popular.

All program are coordinated depends on the situation.

For more performance information

Performance for Schools
School Workshops


japanese immersion camp 4 web.jpg

Taiko workshop is effective for all grade.

Programs according to grade, such as musical learning, elements of whole body movement, cross-cultural experiences, group communication, team building, etc. will encourage children's multifaceted growth.

In addition, for percussion class students, we offer the specific  program to study Taiko drumming for deeper learning of Japanese percussion.

Achievement for School Workshops:

Mercer Island High School Percussion Class

Newport High School Percussion Class

Mariner High School Japanese Club

Japanese Immersion Camp


and more schools, clubs, organizations.


I am writing to formally recommend The School of TAIKO as a model for collaboration with Elementary School students and programs, exemplary in every way. Every part of their operation from proactive communication to enthralling stage presence to astounding musical ability has left us so very grateful to have worked with them.

Their willingness to travel to our school and share their gifts with our students is truly extraordinarily , and they went above and beyond to create a very memorable experience for our entire school community.  Students were wide-eyed throughout their performance, completely engaged during their short rhythm workshop, and very curious to know more about the musicians and genre.

We would certainly recommend The School of TAIKO for any school assembly and we're certain you will love them just as much as we do!

Music Teacher,  Shelby L, Seattle WA

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