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Youth&Adult Intro info

Welcome to the Taiko World!

This is the entering class of The School of TAIKO

This is Introductory class for all participants of youth and adults for 5th grader kids and up. 

No hassle, No pressure!

You just come to the class with positive motivation and water bottle!
​Learning Taiko Drumming is not only the music. 

It is the Lifetime Leaning which has the elements of :

- Exercise

- Activation of the brain

- Eliminating stress

- Meet new friends

- Contribution to the community through the performances

- Mindfulness which works in for your deepness 

Course is started with 8 ~ 10 lessons of 60 minutes to learn very basics

- most important things for playing the Taiko Drumming.

In this first session, you will learn/build the first layer foundation with step by step.

This will be the basis for the Taiko drummer, even if you become an experienced performer in the future.

The main focus of the lessons are starting how to hold the Bachi and how to set your body to the Taiko Drums.  

Then we will try to body movement, take the various rhythm and more, with learning part of the first song.

If you already have experience of Taiko Drumming and/or want to be the Taiko performer of CHIKIRI - tour group of Japan Creative Arts and lead group of The School of TAIKO - there is always a way to get the audition to become a trainee/apprentice.

Taiko Introductory 1     Spring 2024 Class @ Seattle ID

Date: Sundays,   May 12, 19, 26   June 2, 9, 16, 23

Time: 7:10 pm ~ 8:10 pm

Location: Seattle Class / JCCCW ( Map )

        1414 S. Weller St, Seattle, WA 98144

Capacity: 10 Students ( Min 7 )​​

Age:  Current 5th Graders and up 

Fee: $247

 7 lessons / $182 + Registration Fee / $65 (No refundable) 

 * You can get a SOT Original T-shirt & a pair of Taiko sticks! 

* This class will continue after the schedule above.

* What day and time schedule and more subject to change without prior notification.

* Class time / location may change by the situation

* The schedule has possibility to change due to the instructor's performance schedule

NEW SPRING Taiko class
from Sunday, May 12, 2024~

This class is FULL
Updated on April 16th

How to Registration for Introductory 1 Class

STEP 1: Fill in the registration form

* All participants are required to fill in the registration form and payment in advance for entering the program

* If you will join in with family members, please make the form for each participants

STEP 2: Make payment via PayPal or send check to our office

Pay by Credit Card

Pay by Check     

Please register to the waiting list of current session or future session.  We will let you know when we find the next one.

Registration without payment is valid for one week after registration. 

If the class starts within a week, payment must be confirmed at least 3 days in advance. 

In the situation your payment will not reach our office in above condition, your registration may be invalidated

Step 3: Get confirmation

Your registration is completed and get confirmation when the form and payment have reached in our office.  
Until then, your registration will be kept as pre-registration states.

You will ask to fill an agreement and a waiver in later.  

*Due to limited capacity, your registration have possibility to be into the waiting list by your registration timing.

* All programs will be held under the condition of King County, State of Washington and CDC's guideline. Japan Creative Arts, The School of TAIKO and all instructors have the right to refuse any person if the person do not want to follow the instruction.

Regist Intro 1

FAQ for joining

About join in the Classes

- What kind of clothes is recommended to wear?

  Taiko is music with full body exercise.   Please come to the program with comfortable, easy moving clothes.

- Any shoes will be good?

  We recommend to wear the sports shoes. 
For JCCCW class, we ask you to take the shoes off for the room. Please bring clean sole shoes or just take shoes off.

- What should I bring for?

  Just bring bottle of water, towel and passion!   
Taiko Drum and Taiko sticks will be provided for workshop and also you can get your own Taiko sticks if you will start the class with full payment including the registration fee.   Also, bring another tops (T-shirts) for after the class will be make you comfortable.

- Do I need Ear plugs?

  We recommend to use the Ear plugs for your protection.

- Can I wear accessories?

  No accessories recommended, for protect you, your classmate and musical equipment.  We ask you to put only simple studs on ears if you would like to wear the accessories at the class.  Also, some rings have possibility to broke with holding Taiko Sticks.

- I already have some experience about Taiko drumming.   Can I join in from upper level class?

 We are very welcome to having you in our group!  Since all Taiko styles are various depends on the schools or groups, we require to start from Introductory Class first.  After few lessons, instructor will have conversation with you to coordinate your next step.


About join in the performance

- When can I join in the performance?

 Basically, after you finish the first song; Introductory class 2, you will join in the community performance as a member of students group of The School of TAIKO!!   As you progress, you will be able to participate in more advanced performances.

- Something special for joining the community performance?

 For joining the Students group, you will required to register the Students group. The registration fee includes The School of TAIKO original Happi coat and obi set.

- After registering as a student performance group, can I still participate in the performance even if I quit the class?

  Since performance opportunities are part of class activities, only current students can participate in the Students group.
However, there is an advanced group that those who pass the audition can join, so if you are aiming to become a semi-professional, please contact us.

FAQ NewClass
Terms and condition for intro class

Terms and Conditions for all first registration


*Refund Policy

    If you notify us you wish to cancel your enrollment

   - 60 days or more before starting your session:   Full refund 

   - 30 days or more before starting your session:   50% refund 

   - 21 days or fewer before starting your session:  No refund.  

   * Registration Fee is NON - REFUNDABLE

*Class Cancellation

    If we will not have enough applicant, the starting date will be postpone.

    In this case, the information will be sent by three days before and the fee which you paid will be full refunded​


*Space has limited.

   Your space will be reserved when we have received both of Registration form and Payment 

   at the office of The School of TAIKO / Japan Creative Arts, LLC.​

*If you have several treats for discount or another advantage, we will offer only one of them for each case. ​

*The conditions of above are subject to change without notice.

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