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One of The School of TAIKO missions is to provide Taiko lessons for all level from inexperienced to trainee of professional for sharing Japanese Performing Arts; Taiko Drumming based in Seattle, WA.


SOT weekly classes are programmed for 6 years old and up and all classes are held as weekly/45 - 90 min classes for enjoying to play Taiko without stress.  You can learn various performing type with basic step by step as yearly program.  All participants will have good instruction by certified instructors lead by Ringtaro Tateishi; former member of Za Ondekoza for enjoying Taiko Drumming as Taiko lovers for whole life time activities.  

Would you like to perform Taiko more wider area, more deeper stage as whom create the performing arts?  Or share your skill with community as instructors?  Here is also right spots for you with Apprentice course or Instructor course.

SOT Taiko Lesson Course for Youth & Adults

YOUTH & ADULTS CLASSES are for 10 years old and up from inexperienced to advanced level.   All students have chance to join in the community performances in near future as members of SOT school group; Team The School of TAIKO. 

Not only getting the lesson as the students, SOT support your dream to be the Professional performers and be Taiko instructors.

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Taiko Lesson Course
Intro Class web.JPG



This is our entering class for all participants of youth and adults who is 10 years old and up. If you are experienced person, please consult us first. 

​*If you are looking for the Kids Class, please check here.

In this first lesson, you will learn the important basement for being good Taiko performer step by step.  The lessons will focus to learn all basics things which necessary for your Taiko skill and aiming to be the performer of community group of The School of TAIKO.

Introductoy Class 1/2
Beginner 1 Class Registration
Cherry Blossom 2019 by Tero Patana (35).


This is for the person who have finished "Introductory 1" and "Introductory 2" in these few years.
Beginner 1 class is held for aiming to get one complete song with Beta Style ( put drums on the stand straightly)  for stage performance as Student Community performer.   


All levels classes are always offered to continue refining the skills of Taiko drumming. While gradually challenging difficult songs, you will feel that you are upgrading!


This class is for the person who have finished Beginner 1 completely.
Make strong foundation and stretch the skills of ensemble drumming with several forms, styles and Technics. In this level, you will learn "Side Hitting Style" and other songs. 

At this level, you will learn traditional Japanese movements while learning songs to learn more accurate rhythms and movements.

Main Instructor : Ringtaro Tateishi

Cherry Blossom 2019 6 by Tero Patana.jpg


This is for the person who have finished Beginner 1 and 2 classes completely.

The songs, rhythm, movement, style are more variously and try to keep good base sounds in any cases for focusing good ensemble with others. 

Main Instructor : Ringtaro Tateishi

Intermediate Class
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This is for the person who have finished Intermediate 1 and 2 classes completely and learn more skills including stage skills of Taiko Performance.

Lessons are focusing to keep up the all skills of Taiko drumming to performance level including how to conduct as Taiko players. Students learn to make own solo, single base part, various musical instruments and more skills for performance.  


Advanced 2 class students will become the leaders for the community performance of The School of TAIKO by improving their personal skills by participating in small group performances, like School Assemblies.

Also, Advanced 2 class students have the chance to join the concert style performances with CHIKIRI.

Next step for those who want to engage in stronger and deeper relationships, there is a way to train as an Apprentice of CHIKIRI; Touring arts group which formed by founders of The School of TAIKO and members.

Main Instructor : Ringtaro Tateishi

Advanced Class
Fun Taiko Class
Fun class web.jpg


This is for the person who have finished Intermediate 1 and 2 classes completely and would like to enjoy the Taiko Drumming for FUN!

Lessons are focusing to keep up the all skills of Taiko drumming including how to conduct as Taiko players.  Students enjoy to make own solo, challenge specific style of Taiko numbers for enjoying Taiko Drumming.

Fun drum class students will enrich their performance for the community with a bright smile!

Main Instructor : Ringtaro Tateishi

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