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1 year anniversary for Taiko-1!!


We ship you Taiko-1  for "FREE Standard Shipping" anywhere in the US!  including Hawaii and Alaska.

Please put TAIKO1FS as a coupon code.


Are you looking for a TAIKO drums which can practice at home?
You can get the world's first electronic Japanese Taiko Drums "Taiko-1"

Roland, TAIKO-1 is a dream music percussion equipment for suitable anywhere to play & practice Taiko Drumming, also play various kinds of Taiko Drumming even Odaiko!

This equipment have produced by famous musical instrument maker Roland and collaborated with world renowned Taiko group, KODO for several years.

TAIKO - 1 released on January 15, 2021 in Japan.   

In the US,  TAIKO -1 has been started to provide since May,  2021 in the US.


Japan Creative Arts is an authorized dealer of Roland.



For more info, please visit Roland website here

This is another special site in Japanese

Roland TAIKO-1

SKU: 364215376135191
    • Premium electronic taiko instrument, based on the katsugi okedo daiko
    • Versatile sound engine provides a wide selection of Japanese
    • percussion instruments, including okedo daiko, nagado daiko, shime daiko, and more
    • Dual-zone, three-ply mesh heads on both ends provide natural
    • playability and acoustically quiet performance for practice with headphones
    • Roland’s positional sensing technology accurately reproduces natural tonal differences across the playing surfaces
    • 35 cm in diameter, about the same size as a 1.5 shaku okedo taiko
    • Weighs 4.5 kg/9 lb., similar to a normal katsugi okedo daiko
    • Quick and simple disassembly for carrying convenience
    • Play your own sounds by importing WAV audio via USB memory
    • Drum for up to five hours with eight AA rechargeable Ni-MH batteries
    • Built-in ji-uchi backing patterns for practice and performance
    • Bluetooth function for playing along with music wirelessly from your smartphone
    • Fits on a standard taiko stand for fuse-uchi playing styles (drum vertical on the floor)
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