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Loud enough for your home sessions

If you use the Taiko-1 at your home and studio, I, Ringtaro recommend this PM-100 for you.

Would you like to play the Taiko-1 with other traditional Taiko drums?  Please take a look bigger one, PM-200


High-Resolution Sound Monitoring

Delivering rich, dynamic sound from a minimal footprint, the PM-100 is the ideal compact monitoring solution for Roland’s V-Drums. Equipped with 80 watts of power, the PM-100 features a custom full-range speaker system and rugged cabinet specially optimized for reproducing the famously expressive V-Drums sound and response. And with onboard mixing capabilities, you’re able to connect music players and other devices for practice and enjoyment while playing at home.


For more info at Roland website


Roland PM-100 Personal Monitor

SKU: 364211678328935
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