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New Classes!

New Taiko Classes will start from October.  
Spots are filled quickly!
Click below for more Information & Registration!


For 5th Graders and up  - Youth & Adult Introductory class.  This class is entering class for Taiko Drumming world.

No hassle, No pressure! You just come to the class with positive motivation and water bottle!

For younger Kids?

We have Kids Class for 1st - 5th Graders.
Join Kids Taiko Class!

Play Taiko Yourself!

The School of TAIKO was founded in 2009 by professional Japanese Taiko Drummer Ringtaro Tateishi who was former member of ONDEKOZA,  and  co-founder Asako Tateishi who is event coordinator and was former official race announcer of the Suzuka Circuit, Japan. Both of them had performed at EPCOT Center of Walt Disney World, FL. 

At the School of TAIKO,  you can enjoy the taiko drumming at the level which suits your dreams, from beginners to semi-professionals, with a program that allows you to step up comfortably.

Need Sounds of TAIKO?
Book your schedule today!

We have various level performances and bring best suitable on depending on our condition and situation.

Our performances and programs are coordinated by experienced event planner for bringing the successful event together!

Please check more information and fill the booking form

or feel free to ask us via Email!

It's time to enjoy the Taiko Performances!

​Up Coming Performances 

Japan Week 2021 Filming (18)_edited.jpg

  Tuesday, August 22, 2023
Library Summer  Event
Part 1
@ Sammamish, WA

Time: 1:00 pm~

Location: Sammamish Library

825 228th Ave, SE, Sammamish, WA

FREE Admission

Sakura con 18 7 ring.jpg

  Tuesday, August 22, 2023
Library Summer  Event
Part 2
@ Redmond, WA

Time: 4:00 pm~

Location: Redmond Library

15990 NE 85th St,
Redmond, WA

FREE Admission

Japan Week 2021 Filming (18)_edited.jpg

  Tuesday, August 22, 2023
Library Summer  Event
Part 3
@ Fall City, WA

Time: 6:30 pm~

Location: Fall City Library

33415 SE 42nd Place,

Fall City, WA

FREE Admission

Sakura con 18 7 ring.jpg

Sunday, August 25,  2023
Taiko for KIDS!
@ Seattle, WA

Summer Kids Program Private Event


Japan Week 2021 Filming (18)_edited.jpg

 Sat, September 9, 2023
Summer Park Pop Up
@ Seattle, WA

Time: 10:30 am ~ 11:20 am~

Location: University Heights Center

5031 University Way NE,

Saettle, WA

FREE Admission

Sakura con 18 7 ring.jpg

Thursday, Sep 14,  2023
Company Event
@ Issaquah, WA

Company Private Event



Japan Week 2021 Filming (18)_edited.jpg

  Saturday, Sep 23, 2023
School Assemblies
@ Bellevue, WA

Elementary School Program Private Event


o 2023_JW_with_free_parking-3_1.jpg

Saturday, Sep 30,  2023
Japan Week
@ Bellevue , WA

Time: 12:00 pm ~ 12:30 pm

Location: Bellevue College

3000 Landerholm Circle SE,

Bellevue, WA

FREE Admission

Get your own Equipment!

The new development creates an environment where taiko, which was difficult to practice at home, can be practiced even in an apartment room.

Having the same drums you use in your class at home will help make your progress more comfortable.

​It is our pleasure to be able to support your better taiko life by preparing the environment!

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