2020 Kids Taiko Summer Camp will be held on

August 10 - 14 at Seattle, JCCCW

Registration will be started from March 8, 2020


    - This is one of the summer gifts for your child to have global thinking -

Bilingual Music program by full time Taiko performers


Taiko Drumming is a combination of Music, Art, Exercise and Entertainment. 

Nurture the young mind and body through this cool Japanese cultural activity. Besides the fun physical and musical experience. All campers will be expected to learn the creativity, expression, cooperation and growing their global thinking and self-confidence which necessary for living as a person in the community.


Students will learn the Japanese performing arts mainly Taiko Drumming through this 5 days session by FUN WAY!  

The Instructors of this program are full time Japanese Taiko Drummers, Ringtaro and Asako Tateishi who provide educational program from The School of TAIKO for 10 years and have long time Taiko/Entertainer experience in Japan and US. 


Through the program, the camper will ;

• Get many instruction / knowledge from world-class Taiko performer 

• Growing up their self-confident by making success step by step 

• Learn Japanese Music Arts

• Learn Japanese Rhythm 

• Learn Japanese Movement 

• Learn how to team up with friends through playing the music

• Have a great experience to know the Japanese Culture, Manner and  Conversation in natural way

• Build up their mutual understanding for getting global eyes

• Show their improvement to family and friends at the last day of the camp


Asako Tateishi

Asako Tateishi is co-founder of The School of TAIKO who manages & provides various programs of SOT with working as full time Japanese musical performer.   Also she has produced "Bellevue World TAIKO Festival" since 2014 for connect communities with good quality Japanese musical culture.

As a performer, she is a member of CHIKIRI and performs 

with "TAIKOZA" NYC based Taiko group.  She also performed at EPCOT/Walt Disney World as a member of the MATSURIZA.

In Japan, she worked as official sports caster of Suzuka Circuit and Twin Ring Motegi and also do MC rolls at sports events, weddings and more occasion. Her experiences through various events, such as the World Championships is support the successful of the events by coordinating the Taiko & J- Culture programs.

Recently her column about "Meaning of learning Japanese culture in US" is in "SoySource" March 8 issue.

She also enjoys her life as a senior high school boy's Drumline / Band mom as well as outdoor activities in the Puget Sound area and be into the live concerts.

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Chief Educator

Ringtaro Tateishi

Ringtaro Tateishi is full time Taiko performer, Composer and Arranger who has started Taiko from 6 years old and has carrier as professional about 30 years over. 

He started his carrier with world renowned Taiko group ONDKOZA from 1989.  In 10 years life with this group, he performed over 1,000 times concert in 26 countries including Carnegie Halls, and completed the American peripheral marathon tour in three years.  All challenges which he done in the group gifted him extraordinaty experience. 


After leaving the troupe,  he has moved to US for sharing Japanese Taiko Drumming at EPCOT/ Walt Disney World, FL and sharing his experiene for guests of WDW who comes from around the world.

Currently he is a leader of the taiko group called CHIKIRI, and works as Principal /Artistic Director of The School of TAIKO which has 80 students as weekly lessons from 2009.

His creative pieces are performed around the US, especially " Mitsu-Uchi/Rantana" is popular number which have been performed at EPCOT Walt Disney World by MATSURIZA

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Kids Summer Taiko Camp Information

New Schedule : Now Registration OPEN

August 19-23, 2019

Theme: Cool Japan!! Ninja Taiko!

Session A

Theme : Soran Bushi!

Date: Monday, July 8 to Friday, July 12, 2019

Time : 9:00 am - *1:00 pm

                *Friday, July 12  will have performance and pick kids up 12: 00 pm.

Place : Japanese Cultural Community Center of Washington  ( map )

Capacity : 14 Students ( Min 6 )

Age :  4 - 10 years old


Session B

Theme : Cool Japan!  Ninja Taiko!

Date: Monday, August 19 to Friday, August 23, 2019

Time : 9:00 am - *1:00 pm

                *Friday, August 23  will have performance and pick kids up 12: 00 pm.

Place : Japanese Cultural Community Center of Washington  ( map )

Capacity : 12 Students ( Min 6 )

Age :  4 - 10 years old

Belongings : Water bottle, Health snack, *Lunch

Camp Fee :  $250  

                       *Sibling who living same address will get 10% off for second kid

Fee is included items of below

•  Original T-shirts

•  Set of Kid's Bachi (Taiko Stick)

•  The cost of materials to make own Taiko drum and other craft things.


Stress-less schedule for guardians
 9 am - 9:30 am is mingle time.

    You don't need rush in the morning.  Feel free drop kid off during this time range.

 Early pick up available 12:00 pm 

    Lunch with kid?  You can pick up after 12:00 pm depends on your schedule

 Buy lunch available as pre-order with $10


How To Register for Taiko Summer Camp

If you would like to use the paper form, please let us know.

Kids Taiko Summer Camp for one kid :  $250  


​This price is for one kid

Credit card payment will be added convenience fee

Kids Taiko Summer Camp for Two Siblings :  $475 


This price is for siblings living together.

Credit card payment will be added convenience fee

Kids Taiko Summer Camp for July & August: 

10 % off Special price for August Camp  : $225

This price is for only the camper who register both camps. Credit card payment will be added convenience fee

Payment by Check
Make a Check payable to : Japan Creative Arts​

Mailing Address : PO BOX 3311   Bellevue, WA  98009

Please make payment in two weeks for keeping your spot. Until then, your registration will be kept as pre-registration states. Your registration is completed and get confirmation when the form and payment have reached in our office. 

Terms and Conditions for registration

Refund Policy

    If you notify us you wish to cancel your enrollment

   - 90 days or more before starting your session:   Full refund 

   - 75 days before starting your session:   50% refund 

   - 60 days or fewer before starting your session:  No refund.  

   * $50 Business fee is Non Refund

Class Cancellation

    Summer Camp may be cancelled if less than 5 students are registered. 

    Cancellation notice will be sent by 14 days before and paid fee will be full refunded​.


   Space has limited.   

   Your space will be reserved when we have received both of Registration form and Payment at the office.


*If you have several treats for discount or another advantage, we will offer only one of them for each case. ​

*Convenience fee  will be charged for Credit Card payment


 Japan Creative Arts, LLC

The School of TAIKO


1414 S Weller St, Seattle WA


Bellevue College / 3000 Landerholm Cir SE, Bellevue, WA 

E-mail: info@japancreativearts.com


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