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Japan Creative Arts offers programs providing “real experience” with Japanese culture with a focus on Taiko drumming.

School of Taiko
Our main activity is managing the School of TAIKO founded in 2009 in Seattle and Bellevue in Pacific Northwest. Approximately 100 students from 4 years old are enrolled in our classes. Through Taiko drumming classes, we encourage our students to learn about Japanese culture, make a good choice in playing Taiko drums and respect themselves through participating in Taiko performances.

School Assembly Programs (Pre-K to College&University)
We provide school assembly programs as an educational program for Pre-K to college and university. We can perform a variety of programs using Japanese music instruments including Taiko, flute, Koto, Shakuhachi, Tsugaru Shamisen. This program will help students experience Japanese music and bring about deeper understanding or interests in Japan and its culture and make cultural exchange beyond language and nationality possible.

CHIKIRI is our brand new program as well as a a new Taiko group found in 2014led by Ringtaro Tateishi, the artistic director of the School of TAIKO. CHIKIRI can perform at corporate events and concerts, record soundtrack, and collaborate with other artists to showcase world class Japanese Taiko drumming and help nurture the next generation of Taiko drummersOur goal is to nurture and pass on the tradition and beauty of Japanese culture in Pacific Northwest and beyond. To accomplish the goal, we ask your support in any way you can.


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Your contribution will be received by Shunpike on behalf of and held exclusively for The School of TAIKO’s Performances for the Public. As a fiscally-sponsored program of Shunpike, The School of TAIKO’s Performances for the Public benefits from 501(c)3 non-profit status, as well as many of our other services in records management, licensing, contracting, financial management, and administration. Your contribution is fully tax deductible.

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In return we offer you the following advantages:

  • Donation of $25 to $49: A sticker of "DonTA!," mascot of The School of TAIKO.
  • Donation of $50 to $99: A set of stickers of The School of TAIKO
  • Donation of $100 to $499: Membership and goods of DonTA!
  • Donation of $500 or more: Premium membership and goods of CHIKIRI, our professional Taiko Group